Eiicon specialises in the location of underground utilities and environmentally sensitive excavation works.

      Asset location services:
Eiicon provides a full utility asset location service utilising the latest technology to ensure accurate location to the client requested standard. This can range from electronic location through to visual exposure using non destructive excavation and physical marking of assets.
Air Vacuum Excavation:
The purchase of a Vacmaster System 4000 Air Vacuum Excavator gives our company the ability to provide our clients with the safest and most efficient method for sensitive or difficult excavation.
Subsurface Utility Engineering:
Subsurface Utility Engineering is a survey process through which a precise subsurface map can be developed that can eliminate utility asset damage, safety hazards, damage claims and public outcry.
Utility Network Audits:
Eiicon has the ability to provide a compliance auditing service to utility network owners through the provision of suitably qualified personnel to carry out audits in line with provided scope of works.
Project Management services:

Project management services involving 66kv, 22kv and low voltage overhead and underground electrical construction for both new and maintenance tasks along with all types of cable, pipeline and infrastructure works can be provided by Eiicon via internal staff and through association with subcontract groups experienced in all aspects of these works.

Servicing North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales