Air Vacuum Excavator   (AVE)

The purchase of a Vacmasters System 4000, The worlds most powerful air excavation system allows Eiicon to provide the safest and most efficient asset exposure and location system available.Vacmaster 4000

This unit has the competitive advantage of using air as the excavation medium for the majority of work situations. This negates the possibility of damage to the assets being exposed and will allow work on sensitive utility assets such as high voltage and low voltage power cables and on fibre optic telecommunications cables. The soft dig technology also allows non destructive excavation around fragile pipelines and conduits.

The use of air as the excavation medium also allows for the removed soil to be re-used as fill for the excavated site negating the need for disposal of soil.

The ability to operate and excavate up to 50 metres from the plant allows access to sensitive excavation sites such as Zone and Terminal substations, inside buildings, and in environmentally sensitive areas.
The use of pressurised air and vacuum allows excavation in and around sensitive environmental areas with minimal impact on the surrounding area. The ability to dig in and around tree root systems without significant damage to the root system is one example of use. With the ability to excavate significant distances from the plant impact on the area can be limited to foot traffic.

*Sampling of soils can be undertaken with remote containment into 220 litre drums with our barrel top interceptor unit.

Servicing North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales